1. The Vision Man (original radio play soundtrack)

  2. Sonic Pulses ft. Erik Truffaz

  3. Sonic Pulses live

  4. Live at Radio Head awards 2020
    David Kollar, Tomas Mutina, Arve Henriksen

  5. Sonic Pulses

  6. Dedicated to P (EP)
    David Kollar ft. Pat Mastelotto & Paolo Raineri

  7. Pandemia SK (Original music for TV Documentary series)

  8. Cosmopol
    Bernhard Wostheinrich & David Kollar

  9. 10 Poems for Ronroco
    David Kollar ft. Erik Truffaz

  10. Unexpected Isolation
    David Kollar & Arve Henriksen

  11. Fantastic medieval - Soundtrack for TV documentary

  12. Crime On The Bunny (Single)
    ft. Pat Mastelotto and Arve Henriksen

  13. The sound behind the house

  14. CORONOMORPHIA (single)

  15. Sculpting in Time

  16. Kollar/Chojnacki - Event Horizon live 2019

  17. Volanie - original soundtrack

  18. Illusion of a Separate World
    David Kollar / Arve Henriksen

  19. Punk je HneD (original motion picture soundtrack)

  20. Notes From The Underground

  21. CD s knihou: Zápisky I. Alchýmia úspechu a prehry

  22. Dziecko /Child/ (original sound installation for theater play)

  23. Zápisky I. Alchýmia úspechu a prehry digi kniha
    David Kollar, Terminal State

  24. Dr. Faust live EP 2016
    The Blessed Beat

  25. K.S.N. EP /improvisations/ 2015
    David Kollar, Victor Sagfors, Toni Nordlund

  26. Stanko - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2015

  27. Old men only knock - Original soundtrack 2011

  28. MiV - Mermaid in Venice 2015
    The Blessed Beat

  29. The Son

  30. Unfinished Stories original soundtrack

  31. Animal Exitus by David Kollar

  32. Coś w rodzaju miłości - (original music for theater play)

  33. The Blessed Beat live in Bologna.
    The Blessed Beat

  34. Film Works (music for student films)

  35. Film soundtracks and Ideas

  36. Equation of Time
    David Kollar Project

  37. Roxanne - original motion picture music

  38. Immortalitas - Original motion picture score

  39. David Kollar Band - Way from east 2006
    David Kollar Band


David Kollar Prešovský kraj, Slovakia

Kollar treats his music with a deep degree of seriousness and personal involvement, as if each and every one of his projects was not only his proverbial brain child but as if it was his actual offspring. He treats his instrument as a gateway between his complex ideas and their audible representation, the same way a sculptor treats the chisel or a painter the brush."
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